In November 2011 Raymond was one of the 12 men who qualified to go to Toevlug Rehabilitation Centre in Worcester, for a 5-week program. After successful completion of rehab, he moved on to the next phase of Life Coaching. This included three months of intensive training and discipleship. Raymond continued to show a keen interest in growing spiritually and emotionally. His leadership qualities, his humility and teachability, helped him to stay focussed, and eventually he became a leader within the Change Maker Program.

 Raymond van den Bergh 

When the Change Maker program was launched in 2011, an invitation was sent out to all the communities of Worcester through the media and community leaders, inviting all gangsters and drug addicts who wanted to be set free, to come forward for help. Many came, and through interviews and evaluation, 12 men qualified for an intervention program. One of the criteria, was desperation. Raymond van den Bergh was desperate for help!

He was 19 years old, and found himself in a life threatening position. Growing up in a community known as OVD with his grandparents, he was addicted to drugs, and to feed his habit, he became a drug merchant. For protection an drug resources, he joined the Dog Pound gang and became an active member.

But then his grandparents moved to Avian Park. This community was JCY territory - the rival enemy. Raymond's life became unbearable: he was shot, attacked, threatened - and eventually his own gang didn't trust him anymore, neither did the JCY's. He was a wanted man!

Being a captive in his own home, and even endangering his grandparents' lives, he heard about the invitation to break free. Raymond grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Raymond loves the Lord Jesus Christ and is passionate about knowing Him and making Him known. He completed his DTS (Discipleship Training School) at YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and did his outreach in Brazil during the Soccer World Cup in 2014.

In 2015 Raymond enrolled as a student to become an auxiliary social worker, and he does his practical in Avian Park - the community where he once fled from. Today, his former enemies can see his passion to uplift the community, and they are offering their services to support him.

Raymond is currently working with My Father's House, a ministry similar to the Change Makers, where he is involved with community work in Avian Park. He is also responsible for the After Care program of the Change Makers.

raymond (2) Raymond is engaged to Astred Kleynhans. Astred also joined the Change Maker program in 2013. It was her childhood dream to become a social worker. She too is currently studying to become an auxiliary social worker.

 Raymond: Before and after