Winston saw the changes in Aubin, and he wanted to be helped as well. He was married with children, but unemployed, addicted to drugs, and often slept out in the streets when he was on a drinking spree, he was also an active gang member. He couldn't handle conflicts within his marriage. We referred Winston to Toevlug Rehab to receive in-patient treatment for his drug and alcohol abuse. After release from Toevlug he was admitted to the residential Change Maker program (then still at Kibbutz El-Shammah). Winston still had court cases pending, so we networked with the prosecutor as we saw Winston gradually changing his behaviour patterns – showing a deep desire to grow emotionally and spiritually. Marriage counselling was arranged while he was in the program and we worked closely with his wife, Katrina. It became clear that Winston was ready to take up the responsibilities of husband and parent his 3 children.

During the middle of 2014 Winston was reunited with his family, and started working as a butcher in the Drostdy Spar. When Quenets Spar, a new shop in town, opened in November 2016, Winston was recruited as the manager of the Butchery Department of the shop. Since being there, he has been such a good example to the shop managers and other staff, that they asked for more Change Makers to work for them. They are now a team of 7 Change Makers employed at Quenets Spar, and recently, due to Winston's recommendation, another Change Maker was employed at a franchise Spar in town.

Winston has inspired the men working in Q Spar, to adopt a Change Maker in the program (Matthew is orphaned and no one to support him). They visit Matthew regularly and buy him toiletries.

Winston is a wonderful example to others. I see him in church regularly.




Anthony was desperate to be set free from his drug addiction and gang involvement. He saw the change in men who came through the Change Maker program and they encouraged him to knock on our door for help.

He was an active gang member, had been imprisoned for more than 3 years, had been hospitalised due to a serious knife wound to his stomach (very aggressive when under the influence of drugs), and had another court case pending due to the possession of a large quantity of drugs.

After completing the day program and also going through Toevlug Rehab's in-patient program, Anthony was admitted to the residential program of the Change Makers. According to the Behaviour Modification's Level System, it was clear that Anthony was pursuing the Lord, respecting leadership and others, and maintained personal disciplines. He attended the Fatherhood Camp and was desperate to reconcile with his 6 year old daughter Angelique. The biological grandmother on the other hand was adamant that Anthony will not come near her house or make contact with Angelique, due to his past and atrocities he committed. She showed us how he had damaged the house in the past, also breaking their windows. Nor was he to contact Angelique's mother – Winnique. This was very difficult for Anthony to accept.

After Anthony successfully completed the Change Maker program in July 2018, another Change Maker - Marlon, helped Anthony to start work at Feedem. Anthony could not accept the fact that he was now a changed man yet unable to connect with those he loved most, namely Angelique and Winnique.

They were living with Winnique's mother. With his persistence and new godly lifestyle, he won her heart . She became so impressed with Anthony's transformed life, that she offered to help arrange their wedding.  She also helped them financially to set up a Wendy house for the married couple.  Anthony and Winnique were married in December. Angelique still lives with the grandmother, but the father-daughter relationship has healed. They visit daily. And the grandmother now testifies that she could not have asked for a better son-in-law!

Anthony had become a beacon of hope!