Dear friends,

These are challenging times we’re living in. Not only for us, but for all of you. I’ve been pondering on how to put together this newsletter, and eventually decided to give an overview of God’s hand upon us during this time.

With Covid-19, we had to adjust our program as well as our intake policy. All outside activities were stopped. We had to be innovative in adjusting our program. Before lockdown, we purchased extra indoor sporting equipment. Our staff agreed to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of the men. Brendon and Edmund stayed in the house for the duration of Level 5 of the lockdown. Redgy, Aubin and our cooks (Ellen and Elizabeth) and Tendai came in during this time, with Aubin picking up the staff in the mornings and dropping them off at home at the end of the day. Kevin, our Bible teacher, still came in Tuesday mornings, and offered to come in Sunday mornings too, as church activities stopped as well. All in all, the staff gave their full support, and the men in the program gave their full co-operation as well – well, to the best of their ability Winking smile These are men who come from a rough, violent and broken background. Oh, but for the grace of God…

We had to stop our day program due to lockdown and the risk it imposed on the house. Therefore a decision was made to take in men who’ve been on the waiting list, without them needing to do the compulsory 2-week day program. Mia makes sure these men are well informed before they take the leap into Moria House. Time will tell if this has been a wise decision. We hope to enforce the day program once all the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Sr Helene Loubscher gave the men an educational and practical overview of the Corona Virus, and also comes in as regularly as possible to keep a watchful eye on the men’s health.

Local service clubs asked us to partner with them in providing a soup kitchen to the community. This we faithfully did during lockdown 5 and 4.

We’ve made it thus far, clearly seeing the good hand of the Lord upon us. We want to thank you, our partners, for continuing to support us during these challenging times. Our weekly fundraiser (selling vetkoek) had to be stopped because of lockdown, yet somehow God has truly provided in all our needs.

Please keep us in our prayers, as we too are praying for you.