We as Change Makers, are part of a greater team at Kibbutz El-Shammah. kibbutzelshammah.weebly.com As a Kibbutz family we are passionate about the Lord, and His Kingdom. Our vision is to see communities transformed one life at a time.

The founder Erena van de Venter, was stirred as a teenager by David Wilkerson's "The Cross and the Switchblade" to one day be able to reach out like Wilkerson did, to gangsters and drug addicts. She studied to become a Social Worker and in 1983 her dream became reality when she founded The New Life Gang Project in Worcester, South Africa. This God-given and God-driven ministry grew and evolved over three decades - seeing the establishment of Kibbutz El-Shammah in 1993. "El-Shammah" means the manifestation of the presence of the Lord.

Kibbutz El-Shammah is a Non-Profit community organisation in Roodewal, Worcester. Roodewal once was the headquarters of the feared Cape Town Scorpion gang. It was also known as the gates of hell. Yet this is the community where God showed his power in the eighties by breaking the reign of gang rule, and began showering His compassion, mercy and grace through the establishment of Kibbutz El-Shammah.

Different ministries flow forth from Kibbutz El-Shammah:
Gloryland: a service to toddlers and pre-school children.
Nehemiah Project: a youth club for boys and girls
South Roots: a performing arts ministry, focussing on redeeming cultures through community development
Forerunners: a ministry to primary and secondarly schools
Change Makers: a ministry to gangsters and drug addicts

Meet the leadership team of the Change Makers:
Erena - social worker and administrator
Mia - a lady full of love and compassion, and much wisdom - soon to be a qualified Social Auxiliary Worker. She's in the Admin Department, also handles referals to the rehab, and intake to the Change Maker Program.
Louis - he is always willing to help, very straight to the point and keeps us on our toes! He is responsible for phase 1 & 2 of the program, discipling, and life coaching.
Aubin - he has an amazing testimony! After 16 years of addiction, God set him free and now he is eager to impart life skills to others in the program. Aubin is responsible for skills training within the BoaBoa Screen Printing project.
Raymond - he was set free from the stronghold of drugs and gangs. With his shepherd heart he is multiplying the Change Maker program in another similar community called Avian Park, where he works with a ministry called My Father's House. Raymond leads an after care group for those who came through the Change Maker Program. http://youtu.be/WrdXc48vwMc
Tommy - a guy with a huge heart and makes lovely "potjie kos"!! Tommy is the events organiser.
Jim and Elaine - our spiritual father and mother, all the way from StillWater Retreat Ft Wayne, Indiana, USA. They visit us as regularly as they possibly can, and continue to coach our team. www.stillwaterretreat.org