​Our History
In 1993 Kibbutz El-Shammah was established out of the New Life Gang Project, to uplift the Roodewal community after years of gang warfare. By 2011 a new generation of gangsters rose up  and a new launch sprang to life to help gangsters and drug addicts: The Change Maker Program!  In 2018 The Change Maker Program registered as it's own Non Profit Organisation.

What is our aim?
The Change Maker Program aims to address current gang related issues and transform the men who come out of gangs and drugs, through spiritual, emotional and physical development, so that they can live meaningful lives and contribute back to the greater Worcester society.

Problem statement
Worcester has one of the highest rates of crime in the Western Cape and most of these cases are gang and drug related. Hence, as we address these issues, the wider issues of crime, family breakdown and unemployment in Worcester are addressed.


Providing In-House Recovery for young adult men from Worcester who are trapped by drugs, violence and idleness, and who long to walk in their God-given identity.

Change Makers Worcester is a non-profit organisation (204-521 NPO) and we seek to address gang and drug related issues so that the affected men can live meaningful lives and contribute back to the Worcester society.
Change Makers has been successful over recent years and is now operating from Moriah House in Roodewal – a community of disadvantaged, marginalised, Coloured People and from low economic background. Our current program helps 30-32 men each year to be transformed from living a life of drug abuse or crime into socially conscious and economically active men. Whilst the program has partnerships with local businesses and has indeed led to the creation of completely new businesses, there is a need for local training, workspace and outlets for produce and services so that there are greater prospects of meaningful, paid work.


To prepare a way for men to break free from the stronghold of gangs and drugs, and for them to find their God-given purpose in life. For them to be fathers to their own children and strong men of God.


Our mandate is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17)